How to Report a Bad Business

How to Report A Bad Business

How to report a bad business? This is a valid question that many people have asked themselves especially at this present time and age, it would not be strange to find businesses that rub shoulders with both clients and employees in the wrong manner. They do this by perpetrating unethical practices while dealing with their clients and can even go to the extent of failing to deliver services and products that have already been paid for. This is just but one example of the shady practices that bad businesses are capable of doing.

This having been said, it is important that such types of businesses are reported in order to prevent such vile happenings from touching future customers and even employees. In the event that you find yourself running into problems that have originated from a business, you should try and first resolve it with its manager or owner. If this fails, there is a vast array of other means that you can use to report the business.

Would you like to have a good technical framework by which you can report a bad business? Worry no more, for I have just the right recipe that will help you in achieving this goal.

What Is The First Step On How To Report A Bad Business?

How to Report A Bad Business

What is the ideal first step that you should take in the process of how to report bad business? The answer to this question is quite simple but also priceless. It is reporting your concerns to the company’s executives. This can be done by finding the company’s headquarters and submitting your complaints there. If that is not possible, most companies’ websites have platforms that direct you on how to report bad business ethics within their operations.

Report a Bad Business by Filing Consumer Complaints

Does filing consumer complaints have a role to play when reporting a bad business? Yes, it does! Most states in the US offer consumers ways in which they can file complaints against businesses that they could be legitimately dissatisfied with. When you want to report a bad business in some states like California, the process involves filing consumer complaints via the Attorney General’s office. Most states could have their unique forms of protocol in regard to filing consumer complaints, but there are similarities that can be fleshed out from the process in most states.

In whichever state you choose to report a bad business via filing a consumer complaint, you should expect to encounter a form that comprises of questions regarding the contact data of the given company. In addition to this, you will be required to provide a complaint summary and the resolution that you find best suited to help resolve the issue.

Report A Bad Business Practices to Credit Agencies

When pondering over the question of,” Are there agencies where I can report bad business practice?” it is good to know that you are not thinking beyond your scope. In case you are in a managerial position in a business, it is possible to report bad business practices to the main bureaus used for business credit. This is possible especially if you have accorded credit in form of products or services to this bad business and you did not get paid back. The four agencies that can assist you in this include; Experian Business, Equifax Business, Dun and Bradstreet, and Business Credit USA.

You will be required to have the employee’s EIN or I.D number for you to successfully file reports to such agencies. It is unfortunate that individual consumers can’t find a gateway with which they can use to report bad business practices to the above credit agencies.

Post Online Reviews That Report Business Scams

Can online reviews have an impact when reporting business scams? The power that is wielded by negative online reviews is gaining more strength every day due to review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp among many others. If you’ve had an experience with a bad business, you can report business scams by posting negative reviews on such relevant sites. In case the bad business is adamant and does not patch up things with you, you could post your reviews on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This will ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the bad business and its bad business practices. This helps businesses to keep restrain themselves from veering off the correct path when dealing with consumers because they are aware that they can be reported as business scams.

File a Complaint against a Bad Business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

What is the role of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the fight against bad business? As either a business or a consumer, it is possible for you to file complaints against a bad business via contacting the Better Business Bureau within your locality. The BBB in-turn sends the complaint that you have filed to this bad business and asks it to respond within 14 days. It is also important to keep in mind that the complaint can easily be filed publicly on the website of the BBB. In case the company in question is a BBB member, it should respond to the BBB lest it loses its accreditation. Companies that are outside this body need not respond, although many of them do so. This is especially due to the consideration that the complaints against the bad business could be made available to anyone to read online.

Report A Bad Business to a Local Television News Station

No business would ever want to be on the receiving end of negative publicity. In light of this, getting the TV involved is one of the best methods that you can use to report a business. There are some local news stations that are normally designed to assist consumers to resolve some of the problems that they face with businesses. A good example is one in Seattle known as “Problem Solvers” from KOMO News. In this program, viewers are invited to raise the problems that they have encountered with local businesses. As a result of a consumer taking to report a business, the station at times could end up investigating and then coming up with a solution to leave both parties happy. Most of the times the bad businesses are inclined to cooperate with their brand and name could be easily affected by the reporting of its bad business practices.

Report A Bad Business to Consumer Advocacy Groups

One of the ways to report bad business is by going to advocacy groups for consumers. The essence of these groups is that they can escalate concerns and disputes quicker than most consumers. When you take to report the bad business to these groups, ensure that you have evidence of your complaints in form of contracts, email copies, photos among many other document forms to support your claims.


Bad businesses are on a rapid rise in the world today and will soon end up being a form of cancer that will end up making the state of our economy deteriorate into a bottomless pit. This calls for the need to stop them from spreading further than they already have and one of the main tools in our arsenal is reporting these bad businesses. The article above has talked about some of the best practices that we could use in order to be both effective and successful in reporting bad businesses.

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