Immoral Financial Institutions Ruining Lives with Helen Davis Chaitman

FC 18 – Immoral Financial Institutions Ruining Lives with Helen Davis Chaitman

Helen Davis Chaitman is a renowned attorney who specializes in mortgage lending liability. She is also a legal representative to over 1,600 people whose money disappeared in Bernie Madoff’s scam, aided by his backers, JP Morgan Chase. She is the author of JP Madoff: The Unholy Alliance Between America’s Biggest Bank and America’s Biggest Crook. She reveals the dirty, disgusting secrets of a financial institution that works with more than 50% of American households, and offers a solution which involves elected officials.

Key Takeaways:

[1:44] Why Bernie Madoff case wasn’t a class action suit

[2:47] Innocent investors getting hit with clawback suits

[5:03] JP Morgan kept Bernie Madoff’s secret and made this a much, much bigger scam

[10:38] Ms Chaitman had to have 1,143 footnotes in her new book to make certain there is no libel suit.

[12:58] Our elected officials accept money to look the other way. It’s the modern version of organized crime.

[18:49] Ms Chaitman offers some possible solutions to clean up the corporation/government money affairs.


[tweet_box design=”box_04″ float=”none”]Bernie Madoff would have been a small time crook had it not been for JP Morgan Chase keeping his secrets[/tweet_box]


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