How it Works

FreeCourt is a powerful, free, fast, easy way to resolve your complaint online against anyone who has wronged you. With FreeCourt, you get your “day in court,” but instead of 12 jurors, you’ll get the combined wisdom and leverage of thousands! Use the wisdom of the crowd to gain crowdsourced justice for your case.

With FreeCourt you can:

  • File a complaint against a person or business
  • Answer a complaint that has been served on you
  • Upload evidence, including videos, to support your claim or defend against a complaint
  • Join a jury and vote on any number of cases
  • Ask and answer questions, share opinions and suggest resolutions through commenting on cases, including your own
  • Search past and present cases
  • Receive a final verdict based on how the crowd votes on your case

Benefits of an Online Trial — The Wisdom of the Crowd

  • Discover public opinion, measure public sentiment and leverage the collective wisdom of the crowd to help resolve your disputes.
  • FreeCourt is an ideal platform for mock trials and opinion research.
  • Crowdsource justice for your claims by putting your case up for a jury vote and a final verdict
  • FreeCourt provides a platform for effecting social change through cumulative polling of crowd sentiment

There are many benefits to using FreeCourt as your first line of defense against those who have wronged you. The best benefit is that it’s free to use!