FC 40 – Wasteful Government Spending & Tracking Government Dollars with Adam Andrzejewski

In this off topic 10th Episode, Jason Hartman talks with Adam Andrzejewski, founder & CEO of www.OpenTheBooks.com, about wasteful government spending and how President Trump is doing at stemming the tide. Open the Books’ mission is to track “every dime, online”, even going so far as to have an app where people can follow the money in as close to real time as possible.

Adam discusses how pervasive the pork barrel spending is, how large the trough has grown, and what areas are most ripe for trimming.

Key Takeaways:

[1:28] Why is Open the Books different from other government spending watchdogs?

[5:09] How is the Trump administration doing when it comes to government spending?

[9:24] Absurd levels of grants ($600 billion) were given out in the final year of Obama

[12:02] Pork barrel spending knows no party affiliation

[16:02] It’s our constitutional right as citizens to see all the expenditures of our government

[20:30] 2016s highest bonuses




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