FC 36 – Free Speech vs Cyber Bullying, Consumer Rights Attorney

There’s a lot of fake news going on the internet these days, and a lot of it is concentrated in the reviews sections of sites like Yelp!, where people can post whatever they want and damage your personal or professional image. What can you do when someone comes after you like that, however (assuming it’s false)?

Jason Hartman talks with a consumer rights attorney about just that. The two look at what Internet Service Providers are required to do, what you can do if you’ve been wronged, and how you can properly go about warning other consumers about situations when you’ve been wronged.

Key Takeaways:

[2:44] What is the Communications Decency Act (CDA) and what harm is it currently causing?

[6:18] How do you police sites like Yelp that have people reviewing others in order to keep them honest?

[8:14] What would the right law be that would allow companies like Yelp to exist and perform their service, but also hold them somewhat accountable for what was written on their site?

[13:08] There’s a site called The Robing Room that allows you to review judges, but there isn’t a lot of action on that site

[20:47] What should you do if you’re the victim of an unfair defamation on a review site?

[25:37] If you need to pause the attacks against you, you’re going to need an injunction against the service provider

[27:49] How to recognize “paper terrorism”

[32:54] What if you’re a victim of a rip-off and you want to post and protect fellow consumers? What are your rights?


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