Hacking SEC Laws with Amy Wan

FC 35 – Hacking SEC Laws with Amy Wan

The SEC has a whole lot of rules about fundraising for specific ventures, both about WHO you can pursue and HOW you can pursue them. Jason Hartman talks with Amy Wan, Esq, founder (& Chief Legal Hacker) at Bootstrap Legal, about ways to hack the SEC when raising funds.

Key Takeaways:

[2:36] The primitive nature of law and why it doesn’t advance very much

[6:38] What the SEC actually cares about when you raise money for securities

[10:13] How the Jobs Act changed the investors you can target and how

[16:48] The price structure of Bootstrap Legal

[20:58] Raising money isn’t just putting something up on a website and waiting for the money to flow in



“Raising money is an art and not a science”


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