Protecting Your Assets with The Divorce Diva Vikki Ziegler

FC 25 – Protecting Your Assets with The Divorce Diva Vikki Ziegler

Jason Hartman talks with The Divorce Diva, Vikki Ziegler, about what you need to have prepared in case a divorce comes into your life. Vikki explains that it’s important to start protecting yourself before the wedding ceremony is even planned. It might see harsh, but a little planning now can save a lot of time, money, and emotional trauma in the future. She also discusses how to broach the topic of a prenuptial agreement, and what kinds of things people are starting to include in them.

Key Takeaways:

[1:39] What you need to know to “do divorce right”

[4:42] Some tips to make mediation more successful

[11:26] With Americans constantly moving around, which state law applies when divorce happens?

[14:49] The best way to bring up the idea of a prenup with your significant other

[16:40] The growing trend of a social media clause in prenups


[tweet_box design=”box_04″ float=”none”]”People shouldn’t say it’s kind of a death sentence when you get married, I think it’s just the beginning of life, but you need to really work at it.”[/tweet_box]


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