Low Cost Legal Services Where Lawyers Bid for Your Business at Jurbid with Aydin Bonabi

FC 1 – Low Cost Legal Services Where Lawyers Bid for Your Business at Jurbid with Aydin Bonabi

“Making legal services more accessible, transparent and affordable for all.” This was the epiphany Aydin Bonabi had after graduating law school. To his surprise there were not many jobs for lawyers, and as he was looking for one, he began receiving numerous calls from family and friends for legal help and advice. They could not afford a lawyer, did not know how to find one or were unsure whether the legal fees were reasonable. But there he was just a phone call away to answer day-to-day legal questions. That’s when Aydin realized that the legal issues his family and friends faced were not uncommon and that other lawyers also received these calls. The idea was born for Jurbid.

Jurbid is an interactive platform where individuals with legal needs can connect with qualified lawyers in a simple, transparent and open manner was the foundation of the solution. Through Jurbid, a prospective client can post a Request for Proposal and compare rates of lawyers. The prospective client can then hire a lawyer based on experience, cost or both. It will always be the customer’s choice. Help with your legal issue is just a few clicks away.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] The current problem with our legal system and how Jurbid is set up to try and solve it

[4:15] The typical legal problems people are needing to have addressed

[8:00] How you go about finding the best attorney for you

[11:15] The components you have inside the Jurbid system to interact with your lawyer

[15:20] Why it is that lawyers don’t have to specialize and what law schools should advocate to better the profession




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