About Us and FreeCourt

“You know an industry is ripe for disruption when everyone is losing,” says Jason Hartman, founder of FreeCourt. “Our current legal system is broken. Judges do not actually read the documents – their law clerks do it for them. Most lawyers have terrible careers — working long hours, pressured to constantly generate more billable hours with their clients in order to drive up revenue. Most of them hate their jobs. And often, justice goes to those who can afford the best attorneys, not to those who deserve it.”

FreeCourt is the disruption the legal industry needs. Growing up, Jason watched plenty of courtroom dramas and dreamed of being a judge or a lawyer –that is, until he started to experience the legal system for himself and saw the reality behind the TV dramas.

He created FreeCourt as a platform for everyone, rich or poor, to take their case directly to the people. Along the way, he recruited a team of developers, attorneys, paralegals and business people who believe in the vision of FreeCourt.

About You and FreeCourt

If you have ever been drawn into our current United States legal system, you will most likely have become extremely frustrated by the process, the expense, and ultimately the lack of justice.  We knew there had to be a better way. Why not tap into the collective wisdom and life-experience of the public? The goals of FreeCourt are to:

  • Make it less expensive – even the most minor cases in the current system can cost thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and court fees. Attorneys have been known to quip “I couldn’t afford to hire myself!”  So, we made FreeCourt less expensive – a LOT less. Get the justice you deserve at little or no expense.
  • Make it fast – the traditional court system drags on at glacial speeds. A case can take years to work its way through.  Considering the old saying “justice delayed is justice denied,” we decided to make the FreeCourt platform fast and efficient.  Cases will usually be resolved within 30 days and litigants can move on with their lives knowing they have been heard and have received a fair resolution.
  • Make it fair – Courtroom dramas on TV and in movies often reflect the sad truth that frequently a case is decided not by what is fair or just. Instead, a case is decided by which attorney puts on the best show for the jury or has the most skill keeping the opponent’s evidence from being seen. We wanted FreeCourt jurors to make the best decision possible based on the evidence presented by the litigants themselves. We wanted our litigants’ stories to be heard and not screened by attorneys and judges.
  • Make it solution-based – In a traditional jury trial, the plaintiff gets a “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” and everyone walks away. Just because a decision is made doesn’t mean the problem has been solved or has gone away. FreeCourt isn’t only about winning and losing. Jurors are encouraged to propose solutions to the problems presented by the litigants and suggest how the matter can be solved amicably. Sometimes having a fresh perspective can shed new light on an issue and provide a path to resolution.

Click on the “Get Started” tab at the top of the site, and read how easy it is for you to file a claim, defend a complaint against you, or join a jury to vote on a case. Jason would approve!