FC 31 – The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America with Richard Rothstein

Race relations in today’s world are frayed at best right now, and part of the issue is the segregation that is experienced in most suburbs across the country. But what caused that segregation, and what can be done about it? Richard Rothstein talks to Jason Hartman about laws that were passed by our government that impacted who got to move where, and how that is still impacting where we live today. He also provides some fairly simple changes that can be made to existing rules and laws to help facilitate integration where we live.

Key Takeaways:

[1:27] The government’s involvement in the segregation of our neighborhoods

[3:58] How governmental actions created segregated suburban communities like Levittown, NY and Lakewood, CA

[7:27] The FHA would only guarantee loans to developers if they promised not to sell homes to African-Americans

[10:24] The Fair Housing Act of 1968 didn’t actually solve any problems because the home values had become unaffordable for working class families

[19:08] Jason’s take on “Environmental Racism”

[23:12] There has been some recent growth of African-American suburbs, but not integrated suburbs

[27:07] Richard’s take on Ben Carson as head of HUD & Section 8 housing

[30:39] How Section 8 housing re-enforces segregation and keeps people out of middle class neighborhoods, while allowing landlords to raise their rents




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